LIVE HAPPY is a NGO which has been in operation from 2011.We look for practical solutions to community needs.Our ethos derived from the importance of living a clean happy and healthy lifestyle promoting community as well as sustainability. Our main objectives are waste management,natural therapy health care and the preservation as well as development of our community thought our centre Happy Home.

LIVE HAPPY lives by the simple motto that 'Happiness Increases When Shared'. Have you not had a good laugh sitting among friends and family, on dinners together, on old school re-unions, on running into a long lost friend, on lending a smile to someone who needs it?

Have you not spent time thinking afterwards, still reeling with the moments lived and the happiness shared? We at LIVE HAPPY want to spread the sheer joy of living through group activities that will leave your spirits uplifted.

We are normal happy people doing adventurous and fun things to make each day more memorable than the last. We motivate or get motivated from the powers of passion, patience and nature. Remember, materialistic things should not be the catalyst for our happiness and the priority in life is internal happiness and well-being, supported by the elements of living a clean, green and happy life.

Every individual is in control of the situations or issues that we face. The road to happiness is just a step away. Being positive is one way to reach there. Even if situations are related to money, family concerns or relationships. Sometimes taking responsibility for other peoples burdens may lead to our unhappiness. Although on the other hand assisting and offering support can help us to understand and nurture our own difficulties. Creating a wholesome and progressive community vibe and helping us all to “Live Happy”

The simplest realizations in these modern times when stress, irritation, emotional run-downs come easily to us is, the basic need to be HAPPY. If you are still looking for reasons to SMILE and LIVE HAPPY then come join us.

Our Vision

Discover The Message Within And Share

Implementing equal gender projects

Collecting plastic waste house-to-house in the village.

Conducting Heritage walks in Assagao

Happy Home Community & information Centre.

Our Mission

Creating a model for sustainable development in the community of Assagao implementing social, environmental & economic projects to improve the quality of life in the community using available resources.

Live happy is an NGO whose ethos derived from the importance of living a clean happy & healthy lifestyle promoting community & sustainability.


Our Model

Our Solution


Latest news and events

January 5, 2017


Leisurely 4 km walk through the Heritage places in Assagao explaining their history and the stories which shares the culture and tradition of Goa . Suggested […]
January 5, 2017

Live Happy team visited FUNDACION ACISA

Live Happy team visited FUNDACION ACISA Central Integral de servicios Aspanias in Burgos Spain. PLANTA DE TRATAMIENTO DE ACEITE VEGETAL USADO working with disable mentality challenge […]
January 5, 2017


Live Happy team, this weekend have been sharing knowledge and experiences how to live in a sustainable model life. In country side of Spain, several families […]